Articulation Agreement Gmc

Caldwell also hailed the agreement as a blessing for both institutions and their students. Agreements marked by a “ are guaranteed welcome agreements. Please note that admission to university is guaranteed and not necessarily for all of the university`s programs of study, as some programs have additional admission requirements. The presidents of two Georgian colleges were surrounded by enthusiastic professors and collaborators on Thursday when they signed a historic articulation agreement in Columbus. Columbus Technical College Students who earn degrees associated with nearly three dozen different academic programs will now be able to transfer their Bachelor`s Research Degree to Georgia Military College. 24 AAS degrees in technical/commercial fields, education and health at a BAS in supervision and management, as well as AAS degrees in accounting and/or business management at a BAS in supply chain management and logistics. “The University of Augusta is honoured to conclude this joint agreement with Georgia Military College to harmonize the basic and college curriculum. This will allow GMC students to easily move to The University of Augusta and graduate on time,” said Brooks A. Keel, President of Augusta University, PhD. “Augusta University encourages these partnerships and welcomes all future GMC students.” The president of Georgia Military College, Lieutenant-General William Caldwell, called the agreement an incredible opportunity.

The purpose of the articulation agreement is to give graduates of Georgia Northwestern northwestern Georgia technical college programs the opportunity to continue with Georgia Military College in order to acquire a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS). Under the agreement, any GNTC student who has obtained an AAS degree and who has accepted at least 24 hours of semester (36 quarters of hours) of technical/professional credits as a GMC transfer credit, is guaranteed admission to one of GMC`s low-cost programs in business management or supervision and management. Georgia Northwestern Technical College (GNTC) and Georgia Military College (GMC) celebrated a signing ceremony on Wednesday, February 15 at the Floyd County campus in Rome. Columbus Technical College President Martha Ann Todd and Georgia Military College President Lieutenant General William Caldwell sign the historic joint agreement. GMC already has a lot of articulation agreements, and we add more each year. The institutions highlighted in red provided links to their institution`s website. Click on the link to access additional information on transfer and admission requirements. The simplest explanation is that an articulation agreement is a binding agreement between two institutions that guarantees a successful transfer to the institution of four years.