Autodesk Sketchbook License Agreement

In the event of termination of these terms for any reason (i) your account and your subscriptions and other offers, including offers from your authorized users, will be immediately terminated, (ii) you will cease all access and use of the offers (including all access and uses by your authorized users) and (iii) the above effects regarding the expiry or termination of a subscription or other applicable offer will be applicable. Your payment obligations, ownership of your work (as described in the “You Own Your Work” section (section 5), API and development obligations (including obligations in the “Autodesk API” section (section 11.2 and compensation obligations (including compensation obligations in the “Compensation” section (section 19); the return license (section 14); Autodesk`s rights and obligations with respect to property rights (including including the rights and obligations of the Autodesk Proprietary Rights section (section 17); disclaimers and limitations on liability (in the “Limited Guarantee” section, disclaimer, limitation of liability” (section 18); applicable dispute resolution legislation and regulations (in the section entitled “Contracting Autodesk Entity, Governing Law, and Dispute Resolution” (section 21.4); and the liability of anyone who accesses or receives offers through you or your account (including your authorized users) (including the liability described in the section “Account” (section 4) survives termination for any reason. Software Licensing Agreement – U.S. or Canada (pdf – 883Kb) Valid for software licenses purchased in the U.S. or Canada. Software License Agreement – Worldwide English (pdf – 873Kb) Worldwide English language version, applies to software licenses purchased in all other countries. If your 2011 software product is not listed here, please contact License. The type of license is the type of license indicated by Autodesk for a subscription (for example. B individual or multi-user users).

License types are defined for subscription types. A. Our materials: Your use of our materials (as defined in IV.B.), including, but not limited, in the form of software, 2D files, 3D files or any other software that is proprietary, is authorized, downloaded and available to us to download by or through this service is limited to the code of the software object and this use is subject to the terms of the license agreement applicable to the software.