Joey`s Nodding In Agreement Is A Form Of

Joey: Yes. And when it comes to volcanoes, man is a violent and fiery rock formation. As soon as we stop automatically acquiescing to people`s ideas as the default setting, our approval begins to mean something. At the highest level, the best players essentially form informal study groups to learn from each other. They have different names for that – board, dinner parties, delay for coffee, but they are basically study groups to get the package smarter against the crowd. 2. Make judgments with factual disagreements. I think it is the explicit disagreement phrase that is the most difficult to spit out. If I start in other ways, it will be an uphill fight – a long prose of excusing justification that leads to the conclusion…

Just to find that, as soon as I came to the conclusion, I lost my courage to say these words of disagreement. The worst version of the implied approval is the opt-out version. Stop distributing your agreement with an idea so freely. It reduces the value of your consent. It unmasks you as a lazy listener who does not critically analyze what is being said. Implicit consent includes small acts such as acquiescence head, charges such as “definitely” or “mhmm” in conversations and implied consent through silence. The problem with implied authorization is that they become habits. Start nodding at the beginning of the sentence and you will notice that you are still nodding at the end of the sentence. In social conditions, disagreements are synonymous with difficult conversations and dinners. At school, we adapt our answer to the answer at the back of the book, let`s not question it. MBA programs teach us the “yes and” mentality where you first agree with the other person before building your own agenda. More importantly, we ourselves view our own agreement as confirmation of our own conviction.

We are becoming safer in our decision-making. Because of the thoughtful scarcity of our affirmation of others` ideas, others realize that our adherence to their ideas implies that we have listened critically to what they have said. And as soon as we agree, we report sincere adherence. But my hypothesis is that the best players belong to many “study groups.