Short Term Rental Property Management Agreement

Your tenancy agreement should clearly state the tenant`s occupancy conditions, including what is acceptable in your property and what is not. Set the “house rules” that you respect by your guests, as well as all the effects if these rules are broken. Any guest you host must be asked to enter into and sign your rental agreement before the start of their stay. In most cases, rent occupancy laws apply. Describe “head beds” suitable for your area. Please explain all available add-ons or additional services that you can request for an additional fee. This can include pool heating, part-time cleaning, food delivery, barbecue, crib rental and much more. 10.10 Notwithstanding the contrary provisions in it, subject to any exceptions in the applicable law, our liability is limited to all losses, damages and other debts resulting from this Convention and services provided for this purpose (including, but not limited, property damage, property damage, personal injury and death), the cost of obtaining repairs or the average one-month fee for our services. the highest amount.

Property Manager and Owner agree that all leases with potential tenants through Jackson Hole Real Estate Company, LLC will be entered into exclusively throughout the year. The landlord undertakes not to charge rent to tenants during periods booked as a guest owner or stay. Here is the example airbnb property management contract that I manage for the acquisition of a property, if you intend to use this model, please modify it according to your individual needs and local legislation. Accordingly, given the following conditions and the reciprocal conditions below, the parties agree in the following way; 7.5 You agree to pay interest for each amount not paid on the due date for the period from the due date to the payment date at an X rate. 3.1.3 Order a photographer (for an extra fee) for a full photo shoot. If you cancel or postpone this photo shoot with less than 48 hours` notice or if a new photo is required, as the property is not ready as intended, the photographer reserves the right to charge the host an additional XX charge to cover the cost of an additional photo shoot; F. Television and cable: All TVs must be updated on a thin flat-screen model. Outdated tube TVs are not allowed.

The property must retain at least extensive base channels. [Host name] does not provide the following services under this agreement: 10.9 Under no circumstances, we are liable for exemplary, accidental, indirect, special or consecutive damage, or commercial, financial or economic losses such as lack of reputation, loss of expected profits or savings losses resulting from this agreement (even if we have been informed of this possibility or are invited by the host) to act against what we believe to be their best interest) and if such a loss is due to negligence, violation of this property management contract or other means by us or by a representative, employee or third party who provides services on our behalf (including a third party), unless the above restrictions are prohibited by applicable legislation.