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In collaboration with the promoter of the Canadian Ensunt project, Conergy has been commissioned by the Pakistani company DACC Power Generation Company (DPGCL) to build a 50-megawatt solar power plant, which will be the largest in the country. Power purchase contracts (PPPs) could be put in place: [4] The German solar company Conergy has signed a contract with Pakistan for the construction of a huge solar farm in the Asian country, as the Hamburg-based company announced on Monday. The first delivery will begin shortly and all solar farms are expected to be commissioned in 2021. RWE Supply – Trading organizes and consolidates supplies, supports structuring and integrates all green electricity deliveries into the Bosch supply portfolio in its function as an overseer accounting group. RWE ensures that the electricity that is injected into the system corresponds to the amount of electricity that is removed simultaneously from the grid. Enerparc`s 90 MW solar farm for RWE will be operational in the first half of 2021. In January 2020, the company and DB signed another solar contract for a 42 MW project in Schleswig-Holstein. Vattenfall and Power-Air Solutions, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, have signed a 10-year supply contract for electricity from a new German solar farm. A new form of PPP has recently been proposed to commercialize electric vehicle charging stations through a bilateral form of electricity purchase contract. November 20 (Renewables Now) – Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) on Thursday announced contracts to purchase electricity (PPAs) for 780 GWh of green electricity from hydro, solar and offshore wind farms.

Long-term aerating contracts are becoming increasingly optional for operators of old and new renewable energy facilities. AAE models have the advantage of not having to participate in tenders for subsidy rates. This increases the flexibility of the site and speeds up the project`s deployment. According to Christine Lauber, further development of renewable energy in Germany will no longer be encouraged in the future to the same extent by the EEG aid scheme, but will be based mainly on PPP contracts. “Investors can use the AAE instrument to partially hedge their risks for new wind and solar farms, and customers have direct and long-term access to green electricity. In this way, they can contribute directly to the development of renewable energy,” said Mr. Lauber.