Unified Carrier Registration Agreement

The UCR plan and participating states are 49 United States. C 14504a (f) authorizes airlines, private airlines to charge for real estate, brokers, carriers and leasing companies. Annual taxes for the 2019 registration year are set at 49 CFR 367.50. The amendments imposed by this final rule reduce the fees paid to participating states by road hauliers, private real estate carriers, brokers, carriers and leasing companies. While each carrier carries a lower charge, royalties are considered by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-4, Regulatory Analysis as a transfer payment and not as a cost. Transfer payments are payments from one group to another that do not affect the total resources available to the company. Transfers are therefore not taken into account in monetizing the social costs and benefits of the rules. On December 13, 2018, the UCR Board of Directors voted unanimously to submit a recommendation to the FMCSA to reduce the royalties collected by the UCR plan for the 2020 registration years and beyond. The recommendation was submitted to the FMCSA on February 25, 2019.

[3] The tax adjustments requested are required by 49 states.C 14504a, since for the 2018 registration year, total revenue is collected. C US$108 million distributed to the 41 participating states, in addition to the US$5 million set for “administrative costs related to the single check-in plan and the airline`s arrangement” (49 U.C 14504a(d),7),,(a)) (i)). (i)). (i)).i). Maximum revenue fees for each of the 41 participating states, in accordance with 49 United States. C 14504a (g) were presented in a table attached to the recommendation of February 25, 2019. That`s not the case. (a) (5) pub. The L.A. 110-432, 701 (d) (1) (C), adds paragraph (5) and rejects the former (5) Prior to the amendment, the text read: “The term “motor carrier” encompasses all air carriers that are excluded from this part of Chapter 135, sub-chapter I, or derogatory measures of the former Interstate Trade Commission under this title.” That`s not the case.

(f) (1) (A) (i) pub. L. 110-244, No. 301 (p) (2), “as part of the presentation of proof of financial responsibility” prior to “under the UCR agreement.” This rule applies directly to participating states, road transport companies, private property developers, brokers, carriers and leasing companies. In accordance with FRG standards as amended by the SBREFA, participating states are not considered small businesses because they do not meet the definition of a small business in section 601 of the FRG. In particular, states are not considered small state jurisdictions under Section 601 (5) of the FRG, both because the state government is not part of the different levels of government listed in Section 601 (5) and because, even if it did, no state or district of Columbia has a population of less than 50,000 people. , which is the test that a state jurisdiction is considered small under section 601 (5) of the FRG. Section 14504a (h) (4) provides additional support for this interpretation. This provision expressly requires the FMCSA to reduce royalties for all air carriers during the year in which the custodian withholds all credits in excess of the amount required to meet the revenue rights of participating states and the administrative costs of the UCR plan.

Home Printed Page 8194 The Unified Carrier Registration Plan (UCR) and the agreement are part of a federally mandated government management program that came into effect on September 10, 2007.