Virgin Media Credit Agreement Not Working

They did this to me and they kept my $12 loan irretrievable!!! That`s the whole scam, but they can keep the credit. I just want my number back! I have an old Nokia 1110 phone, probably has less than $10 credit-pay-as-you-go – and hadn`t used the phone for a while. Turn on today, the screen saw a little unusual, soon a message appeared “failed SIM card registration “, with another word “quit” on the lower right side of the screen, the network intensity display did not show n txt to the network mark itself. I can read old messages, but I can`t make calls. I tried to call the phone from my landline phone and received a message saying the recipient was not available and leaving a message that I can`t get the back of the phone! “I received a new SIM for my old Nokia Model 1100 for an updated service specified that Sim at the installation gives the message `SIM not valid`. On the aid side, it is said that the device is not detected. The old Sim has been replaced in the phone, where it works perfectly. What needs to be done to make the new SIM work before Virgin separates the old sim as it threatened it. I have the same problem trying to change my media package. I passed three times, and after the explanation, I got staggered with a long delay, then I was cut. They have to pass to cancel, so that after having 20,000 in the last quarter, they don`t cancel anymore. The worst mobile media provider in the world, customer service is appalling, most of the customer service team are rude and can not understand, can not believe that this company is allowed to continue trading through THE OFKO, stay away from this RIP OFF HI service provider, yes unlocking seems to work for me Thank you, too. I had a Nokia 1101 with the invalid sim msg you must have received two emails.

The first email has the “Thank you for your order” subject line. He will confirm your order and inform you of the date on which we plan to deliver. The delivery date remains unchanged as long as you sign your agreement before 6:30 p.m. on the day the emails are received. Very bad service with cell phone. 2.5 years of misrepresentations in the clearscore report on unpaid invoices. It took months for the Virgin to fix the error. Now the contract for the phone ended Dezember.Am November 2, 2020, without warning, it simply turns off my number and asks to change my SIM card.

I had to urgently take out a contract with a partner from another supplier. I will never use the Virgin service with phones. Operators are not organized, they ask stupid questions, they deliberately do not want to conclude the contract. Today I saw an update in my report… Very poor service. I will file a complaint with a lawyer. Degraded Account StatusAn unsecured credit account is changed to negative status in your December report.ORGANISATION NAMEVirginSTATUS1 Late PaymentACCOUNT NUMBER 9606This makes the payment statement updated on one of your accounts and is worse than it was last month. Why is this change not yet in my report? We receive your credit report every month from Equifax, a credit reference agency. This update can now be displayed in your Equifax credit report, but it won`t be displayed in your ClearScore report until your report is updated next year, December 21, 2020.