Agreement Sanitaire

Health accreditation is not subject to institutions that: the application for health authorisation is submitted to the application for the general organisation of the structure, the description of the establishment and the health plan. A retailer that supplies animal foods to another nearby retailer (for example. B a caterer) may apply for an exemption from health accreditation if it sells certain categories of products in small quantities. raw materials of animal origin, it must notify the health authorities of its activities (if not, it risks the effect of an administrative closure). There are three forms: do you want to sell ground meat? If this is the case, you must apply for a health authorization. As far as health clearance is concerned, it is quite another matter, but you will understand it by reading the original article by Séverine. Hello Audinet, If you only sell fruits and vegetables, you don`t need health clearance. Since this only applies to companies that sell food containing animal products to other companies. Are you sure that the school canteens are talking about the health license? What are the conditions for being exempted from health accreditation? That is very kind to you, Séverine, thank you very much; There is so much to know that any help is welcome. For my part, I have indeed learned that, in addition to the authorization, a health certificate must be requested from the veterinary services of the Department of Waterproofing of Goods, in this case the departure abroad in my case. What do you call the transport ticket? The BL (delivery bulletin?) To respond to emma at the same time, Expadon (isn`t it?) is the source of the documentation for what needs to be sent according to the country, and I am suspicious as you are the “exotic” requests of importers, not always identifiable before; This is in case of short-circuiting of the goods. In your case, Emma, who is facing you: French exporters or foreign importers? Thank you. If you use honey or eggs (animal products), these products must be allowed by health legislation.

If this is the case, you will be exempt from a declaration of activity. Volunteers from a senior association organize dance-ready meals for their members once or twice a quarter. The head of the association must explain the manufacture of meals, it is the collective catering, he must plan the control meal, and finally, the association is subject to food safety (obtaining an authorization) please make me light Hello, The health authorization is requested once and for all.