Contents Of Seafarers Employment Agreement

The SRPS may also assume responsibility for the interests of seafarers and includes the content of the employment contract prior to its signing (A2.1.1 b) and A1.4.5 c) (ii)). All of this is intended to solve the practical problem, as one would expect a shipowner based in one country to sign a contract with a sailor in another country, that is, by allowing the SRPS to sign as a representative of the owners without allowing an owner to argue that he is not responsible for the performance of the contractual terms. Because he didn`t sign it. Sailors with disabilities must be dismissed 7 days in advance, unless there is an agreement to the contrary or a collective agreement. The sailor may have a shorter termination than the shipowner, but not the other way around. As a general rule, ship`s officers must be given a three-month or 3-month delay if the officer is recruited on an indeterminate contract. However, the shipowner`s notification may not be less than one month for the first year. When the employee is in charge of a fixed-term contract, termination generally becomes shorter and generally either 1 month or 7 days. As with competent sailors, it is not possible to accept a shorter termination for the shipowner than for the officer. The sailor must have the opportunity to review and advise the employment contract before signing. The shipowner ensures that copies of the employment contract are placed on board for inspection. Yes, if the “owner” is the employer of the sailors; if the agreement establishes a relationship with the (MLC) “owner” as the “owner`s” agent and the employment contract includes the name and address of the shipowner (MLC).

Yes, the employment guarantee agreement (letter of employment) and the statutes will comply with the A2.1 standard, provided that the information required in accordance with the A2.1.4, A2.1.5 and A2.1.6 standards is contained in these documents. Standard A2.1, paragraph 1, point c), provides that the shipowner and the sailor concerned each have an original signed from the sailor`s employment contract, without specifying that the original should be on board. Since paragraphs 1 and 2 of the A2.1 standard must provide only one copy of the agreement and all collective agreements applicable on board, it is not necessary for the originals to be kept on board. The Standard Seaman`s Contract (SEA) has been updated as part of this notice and made available on the following link: Model SEA The administration may accept the crew chief as an “employer” in the employment contract, but the crew chief is not the MLC shipowner (Article II j) who has agreed to assume the obligations and responsibilities imposed on the shipowners under the agreement.