Inventry Visitor Agreement Screen

The state-of-the-art console provides receptionists and administrators with full access to the visitor and employee database. Searching for databases, printing visitor reports and managing the system in complete ways can be done quickly and easily. A robust and attractive touchscreen with a built-in webcam and a front screen and customizable widgets. Visitors can be accommodated at school events such as parent meetings or meetings. You can even create personalized email invitations with the invitation creator. Immediately notify staff via email and SMS as soon as their visitor logs in. Create events that will allow you to book visitors to events such as a school parent meeting or a business workshop. Make sure visitors read and accept all the terms and conditions of your website during the registration process with custom screens. Addtime has partnered with Inventry`s market leaders in visitor management solutions, as they are, like us, familiar with organizations across the UK to provide a world-class solution that meets all your requirements.

If you simply delete an ID card either on an InVentry registration system or on our new Quickscan Touch units, you`ll save accurate credentials so you always know who`s on site. Send visitors a questionnaire that you can complete before they arrive to make sure they are allowed on site. The By InVentry Smart Visitor Management Database reminds all your visitors to provide a quick and seamless experience for repeat visitors. Visitor information is recorded directly in the system and allows you to closely track the people on your website and, in an emergency, to closely register anyone entering or leaving your site. It offers access to the site in a way that protects those who are in your business or school, and eliminates the need for paper visit books. “The system has greatly improved our security, because people want to register now, it seems that there is already an informal competition between regular visitors to find out who can take the daftest photo!” Our registration system, supported by more than 8,000 schools and businesses, provides timely and accurate registration information for visitors, staff and staff. Allow visitors to register and create temporary identification badges in seconds. The 20-inch InVentry touchscreen is bright and intuitive and has been specially designed for use in large volume areas, making it easier to welcome and register visitors.