Aca Training Agreement

The training contract itinerary is a structured programme combining work and training. Traditionally, employers employ graduates of higher or university education. The contract usually has a contractual term of 3.5 years. During the term of the contract, the Chartered tests are passed and the corresponding professional experience is acquired to qualify. There are currently thousands of students studying outside the UK for ACA; in Africa, Europe, Greater China, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Here you will find training in the fields of accounting and professional services, business, banking, small and medium-sized enterprises and governments. To find out where you can train around the world, visit It is important that you encourage and monitor the development of your students throughout the training contract, not only to ensure that your students receive the necessary training for the chartered accountant qualification, but also to encourage your student to stay with your organisation after the qualification. Successful ICAEW Chartered Accountants require the right mix of knowledge, skills and work experience. To follow in the footsteps of our members and become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, you must follow our globally recognized ACA qualification. The ACA has four integrated components that have been carefully developed to build on top of each other. This means that you develop the skills and expertise you need while progressing in your training. An ACA training contract where you don`t work in the ground, where you have a life, meet off clients, dress every day and break a beer/wine fridge every Friday afternoon.

You read that right. You can control the duration of your students` authorized training. The period must be at least two years (if described above) or a maximum of five years (unless the student is undergoing training under a strategic degree or other programme offered in partnership with an ICAO learning partner). To become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, you must successfully train and complete all four components of the ACA. ACA trainings are delivered in the workplace, allowing you to earn a salary during your studies for a globally recognised qualification. This article gives an overview of the qualification and how to become a chartered accountant. While you can start the ACA qualification yourself, entering into an ACA training contract with a licensed employer means that you will receive the highest level of training and support from the outset. .

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