Can My Employer Make Me Sign An Arbitration Agreement

if an employee was told that the agreement was called “a single form” or “not important” and/or that it was not necessary to read the agreement before signing, despite the disadvantages of the arbitration procedure, there are some advantages of the process. These include factors that courts often pay attention to in determining whether an agreement is unscrupulous on the merits: all that can be said in a generally fair way is that the higher the costs to the worker of participating in an arbitration proceeding, the more likely the court is to find the arbitration clause unenforceable. The tendency is not to impose agreements requiring employees to bear higher costs than the worker would normally have to pay in court. 8. What are the legal limits of forced regulation? If your employment contract contains an employment arbitration clause, it means that you have agreed not to take legal action against your employer. Instead, any disputes you have with your employer must be resolved through a procedure called arbitration. Studies show that employees generally receive fewer rights and receive lower damages in arbitration proceedings than in court for almost identical claims. If you were wrongly fired after complaining about a hostile work environment or discrimination, an arbitrator usually decides less than one jury of your colleagues. Signing an arbitration agreement has advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages, yes. In a 5-4 decision in Epic Systems Corp.