Wells Fargo Online Service Agreement

Bank statements are available online for up to seven years, depending on the type of account declared. Bank statements for certain types of authorized accounts or online financial services are available for shorter periods. If you did not opt for online-only delivery when opening the account, there may be a flaw in the historical account statements available online for certain types of accounts or authorized online financial services. Any negative balance on your deposit account is subject to your current account agreements with us. If a deposit account is a commercial credit card or an eligible line of credit, we do not have to make a payment unless that account has sufficient credit to pay the bill on the payment date. Unless otherwise stated on the Site or in our other agreements with you, electronic money transfers made through the Service prior to the completion of the transfer on a business day will be recorded in your eligible account on the same day. Credit card, line of credit, loan and mortgage transactions can take up to three business days, but are published from the business day the transaction was completed. Print the entire current agreement (PDF) with advanced tabs. You agree to appoint delegates only in accordance with the requirements we provide to you. This provision prevails over any conflicting provision of any other agreement you have with us.

We may stop offering delegate options or allowing delegates to access your eligible account or online financial services at any time without notice. Wells Fargo and its officers, directors, shareholders, parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, licensors or third parties are not responsible for: Right to stop paying: If you have asked us in advance to make regular (recurring) payments from your account, you may stop such payments. Here`s how: Call Wells Fargo Phone Bank at 1-800-869-3557 or write to us at Wells Fargo, Customer Correspondence, P.O. Box 6995, Portland, OR, 97228-6995, in time for us to receive your request three or more business days before scheduled payment. .