What Is An Infrastructure Agreement

If you are returning a signed CEW, please download the “Return of an Infrastructure Contract” form (PDF 512 KB). All inquiries about CEWs and the provision of core or sub-regional infrastructure in a PDA should be directed to the Queensland Minister of Economic Development (MEDQ). We have adopted a resolution of fees for the provision of main infrastructure for development within the LGIP. For more information about the current resolution of Logan charges, see Planning and Infrastructure Charges. The Commission and the proponent will decide during discussions prior to the signing of the IA on the preferred method for calculating the cost of primary infrastructure in accordance with the guidelines. Infrastructure contracts are established in a “standard form” by utilities/municipalities and are not recommended for document changes. However, it is possible to “optimize” clauses to make agreements more favorable to developers (e.g. B make sure that the utility is only granted rights to part of the developer`s property and not to the entire site) – and that`s where we get to the country! Infrastructure agreements are documents that a builder or developer presents when building a new subdivision. These agreements provide services for the new apartments, including gas and electricity, and also allow for the “reception” of roads. An Infrastructure Agreement (IA) is a contractual agreement between a developer or landowner and Logan City Council (Council) to: CEAs can play an important role in ensuring the safety and clarity of the developer`s obligations to provide primary infrastructure or pay infrastructure fees. If an EI proposal is likely to continue to apply to land after it is no longer located in or connected to a priority development area, MEDQ will consult with the Council on the terms of the agreement. Infrastructure agreements can take place anywhere in our Local Government Area, including emerging community areas outside the LGIP area. To determine the cost of the core infrastructure included in the CEWs, please download our Water and Wastewater Basic Infrastructure Guidelines (PDF 213 KB).

The Planning Act and the current Resolution of Logan Fees provide for the recognition of de-origination or reimbursement of basic infrastructure costs in certain circumstances. An IA may also provide for the accounting of a settlement or the reimbursement of basic infrastructure. As the debate over value tracking continues in Australia, advocates have had to circumvent regimes for deploying imperfect infrastructure. The Council and the proponent agree on the value of the infrastructure contribution in order to sign the impact assessment and approve the compensation or reimbursement of the infrastructure and include it in an infrastructure charge (ITI) notification. .